Virtual football

To make the game even more thrilling we have prepared for you a wide range of possible bets:

  • on the outcome of this match (the first team wins, the second, win-win game)
  • double-chance option (possibility to make bet on 2 outcomes at the same time)
  • on the team that will score during the match (the first, the second, none of them)
  • on totals (total amount of goals should be more or less than chosen number)
  • handicap betting (play with coefficients, making bets on the clear favorite with negative handicap or spot your bet in the totally unpredictable competitions with positive handicap)
  • on the exact number of goals (from 1 to 4)
  • on the exact score.

To see DEMO follow the link below:

Aren’t you still using fantasy sports games in your betting shop?

Here are a few arguments that will definitely persuade you to add them into the range of your favourite products.

First of all, you will be pleasantly surprised by the fact that it’s not considered to be a kind of gambling. Fantasy sports betting is not based on the mathematical models. The outcome here is determined by the accumulated statistics of sport events. So, in order to win, the clients should base their opinion on their knowledges and experience (like in the skill games where they should use their physical skills).

Second, it’s much more complicated that usual betting games. It takes the developers a lot of time and efforts to create each game. Specialists have to analyze huge amounts of information and statistics.

Third, using fragments from the real matches makes the process of betting much more trustable. Would you like to make bets on your favourite football team or abstract players?

Furthermore, like in a real sport betting, here are suggested more complicated bets like handicap betting.