Ready high-yield terminal solutions for your business

Unique math models

Popular visualization patterns

Full localization to comply with the laws of the relevant country

All-equipment support

Stable operation even with poor signal

Short payback period

Our arsenal comprises well-tried solutions for 70+ countries



Music Selling

Exchange trading

Promotional events

Adjustment to payment terminals

More details about some of them

Explore and enjoy all the advantages of the lottery hardware and software package

Instant draws



Everything necessary to attract players

thanks to the well-known design of draw tickets

Instant payout
motivates further playing

Convenient top-up
provided by all-terminal note acceptance

100% compliance with legal requirements

No human interference
in the lottery, ticket sale and payout

No random number generator!
Winning ticket selection process cannot be affected

Instant automated issue of receipt
containing any information with lottery ticket selling results

Complex anti-fraud protection

Tamper-proof body

Smart cash acceptor rejects fake notes

Winning ticket selection cannot be interfered

Terminal specification

Dimensions: 1,500:555:490 mm (Height:Width:Depth)

Weight: 115 kg

Input power: 50-350 W

Storage temperature range: -10 to +50 °C

Operating temperature range: +10 to +40 °C

VLT Terminal

Want to start betting business but aren’t eager to rent a room, pay a salary to the staff and carry all these other duties?

video lottery terminal

Buying a video lottery terminal (VLT) is a perfect solution!

Already more than 15 years our clients worldwide earn with our terminal software.

First of all, it has a really attractive graphics.

Second, it works stable even when internet signal is quite low.

Third, it’s important to understand that our street solutions for customized gambling are created in accordance with legislation.Nobody can interfere in the digital draws. Even the receipts are printed automatically. It’s obvious, but we also would like to note again that in our lottery software there is no random number generator.

Furthermore, software can be adapted to the legislation of your country: from the promotional events to the exchange trading.

To protect your property from frauds the terminals have a special construction. So-called smart cash acceptors can recognize fake cash and refuse to accept it.

We pay a special attention to the establishment of the honest relations with our clients. All the devices will be related to your account in our administrative system. You will see all the statistics 24/7/365.

Don’t want to invest a lot to begin? Start with one or two. But be sure: the results will impress you!