Lima is a flexible system for individual game

It supports all popular types of devices

Monoblock (touch-sensitive and not touch-sensitive )



We can customize the system for you

We choose a complete set of products to be included in the system

- Bookmaker mode
- Classical highly profitable visualizations
- Bookmaker mode + classical highly profitable visualizations
(maximum 89  products in total)

We customize the games displayed by default
We create a correct image of the company by means of system branding

- Individual plugs
- Setting of lobby colour according to the point of betting (PPS) interior
- Placement of your logo on cashier receipt

Options to top up the account

- by cash in cash desk according to the device number

- replenishment by pins (a cashier issues to the client a receipt with a combination of figures, which needs to be entered into the device)

- by RFID card (is issued to the client for multiple use after entering of his data into the database)

- through an individual cash acceptor

Customizable jackpots

Lima for betting shops or slot halls

Which characteristics should have a really good betting software?

First of all, of course, it is highly-profitable.

Second,working with it should be as comfortable as possible, both for you and your clients. When we were developing our system, we did our best to make it as flexible as possible to meet all the needs of your business.

The third important point is the amount of games and the quality of their graphics. And believe us, 100+ slot visualizations and 30+ virtual games will impress even the most experienced client. We can describe our system more and more. Won’t it be better to make sure in all these advantages by yourself?