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Many years’ experience of structure localization to comply with the legislation of the countries throughout the world

Our gambling hall software is already used in 20+ countries

For the areas where slot games are prohibited
we adapted 170+ structures under the local legislation


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  • 7+ KENO versions
  • Eye-catching draws (Shake, Lucky Six)
  • Enchanting Fortune (classic & mini)
  • Any-taste card games (Baccarat, Blackjack, Texas Holdem)
  • Horse racing and dog tracks (classic & mini)

Gambling Halls

For more than 15 years we create gambling systems that are successfully used worldwide: from Africa to USA.

Our business has strictly requirements to the produced software. That’s why we pay special attention not just to the quality of visualizations (but they are really brilliant) or the wide range of products (130+ highly profitable games).

We have spent a lot of time studying the legislation worldwide. And now we can to present you now 70+ stable and clear adaptations of the slot games to the law. Our manager will help you to choose the appropriate construction or ask our lawyers to create a special solution for your country. Furthermore, he will be available 24/7/365 to answer all of your questions and provide the necessary help. Don't hesitate to ask about marketing materials or instructions: our team can suggest you everything from the our brand design of your gambling hall to the colorful promo-materials.

Whatever you choose, from Skill games to Sweepstakes, you can be sure in the high profitability and stable work of our software. Even when the Internet connection is quite poor and the software is quite old. Our software has minimal technical requirements and user-friendly interface.

So, choose the appropriate system for your gambling hall — and enjoy the new level of income!