INBET is offering a vacancy of dealer

Join our dealership network — and start earning more already tomorrow!

Job responsibilities
  • Searching for a new clients to suggest them software by INBET
    Please, note that you will work only with B2B: those who want to start a betting business or already run a betting shop!
  • Every month you get your % from the income of each agent who works with us with your assistance.
  • Receiving money from your agents and transferring to us our share.
Our requirements
  • Experience of administrating/running a betting shop.
  • Desire to start earning as soon as possible!
    You don’t need to pay a setup fee or open a legal entity!
    Furthermore, you can work alone without office or any equipment except your personal laptop/pc.

We suggest you honest and clear system of mutual settlements
  • All the financial control is on the your side (you receive money from your clients, we get our % from you).
  • We give you the start % much lower than the official market rate (and with your growth are ready to make it even lower).
  • All the accounts of your clients are connected to your administrative branch in our system.
  • All their statistics is also available through your account (financial data of each betting shop, bets, popularity of each product).

We provide you all the necessary support
  • Personal manager from the main office that is ready to answer your questions 24/7/365.
  • Full education and assistance (including the possibility to create a common chat with a complicated client and personal manager/technical specialist).
  • All marketing materials (instructions, presentations, brandbook with the examples of the interior, etc.).
  • As soon as your start growing, our manager can visit you to help to develop your business.

To receive a letter with further information from us and start the cooperation — just fulfill the following form!

We’re waiting for you!