How to Start an Online Gambling Business


Searching for the answer how to start your own online gambling business? Searching for possible variants, investigating where and which business to start - classical ecasino, slots casino or lottery and sport betting business, trying to find the best variant for your traffic source?

The online gambling industry (IGaming) grew in the last 5 years with geometric progression -2009 - 20 иbillion used, by 2017 it is 47.11 billion USD. By 2020 they predict 60 billion a year revenue, which is showing potential growth of industry and income. The market has become absolutely dynamic - new innovative games are publishing, new platform solutions are presenting - integration of software developer products in omni channel systems makes the market moves forward and create new and new challenges.

To start your online gambling business, you should decide - is it going to be casino? or sport betting site? and choose the right platform and provider for it. With the white label casino solution you will get a platform with back-end and collection of games + all the payment options included. The major point is valid online gambling license under which you will be able to operate with your casino.

White Label Casino - complex package to start your online business without huge investment and legal procedures settlement. You will get all-in-one solution for maintaining your business and make money in igaming market.

Let’s open the major points on starting your igaming business

  1. Choice of reliable software provider. As you will use all included games and technical add-ons from platform you will take as well as payment systems - you should find the right variant for the geo you search and for the imadge you want to perform. Let’s open the major points on starting your gaming business. Choice of reliable software provider. As you will use all included games and technical add-ons from the platform you will take as well as payment systems - you should find the right variety for the god you search and for the midge you want to perform.
  1. Choose the reliable game developer and a collection of games. With Growth of market size and variants of games and solutions the online gaming market becomes full and it is still developing - the players want to find all in one favourite collection of the games, casinos offer the multiple game development software trying to satisfy the player needs, the sport betting and lottery shops includes slots and same with casino and betting games. So you should think and find the best asset of games you want - with an InbetGames white label solution you will get system with more than 200 unique invent games of different types - betting games, slot games, virtual sport, bingo games and others.
  2. Create your name, design your front end, create an ecosystem for your casino - social network pages, promo around the local web
  3. Start to flow traffic to your casino and improve affiliate relations - it is an excellent way to start your casino.

So how do I choose the right provider - you will ask again. So many offers and possibilities. So many games and solutions.

Try suggested variations - google or ask what people is using and which problems they are meeting, get the demo and try them personally, calculate exactly your major directions  - gosh, popular games there, popular visualisations, asset of comfortable payment options - that would help you to know exactly what you are searching. Avoid too many game inside the casino - do it only after the amount of traffic will be high and you will see nessesarity - very often the reason of user is leaving the site and dont come back - too many possibilities - it is stopping the player concentrate and enjoy and can bring wrong image of accelerator. That can make your visitors avoid dealing on your platform as the trust brings popularity.

Starting your online casino with Inbet White Label you can choose the option of game collections - casino or betting shop and use year-proven solution for money making. Find out about all the features in our white label software page.